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Wörterbuch (en): Odour seal / Anti-siphon trap / Siphon

  1. Odour seal / Anti-siphon trap / Siphon
de: Geruchsverschluss (m) / Siphon (m) / Trap
fr: Siphon (m) / Piège à odeurs (m)
it: Trappola per odori / Sifone
es: Trampa de drenaje (f) / Sifón (m)

The siphon prevents the penetration of foul odours, which can penetrate from the dirty water pipes into the inhabited areas of a house (especially wash basins, toilets, sinks and gullies) into sanitary objects such as toilets or wash basins. The water trap consists of an S-shaped pipe which is installed underneath the water inlet. There is water in the s-curve, which prevents malodorous gases from escaping from the sewage system into the building.