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Wörterbuch (en): Hollow chisel / Gouge

  1. Hollow chisel / Gouge
de: Hohleisen (nt) / Hohlbeitel (m) / Hohlmeissel (m)
fr: Burin creux (m) / Gouge (f)
it: Scalpello cavo (m) / Sgorbia (f)
es: Cincel hueco (m) / Escoplo (m) / Gubia (f)

The hollow chisel is used for piercing round recesses or for finishing hollow grooves. It is frequently used in musical instrument making, especially in violin making. It has an almost semi-circular blade in cross-section and serves to cut out concave depressions, but is also suitable for linear and planar work. They are manufactured in radii from 3 to 25 mm and in widths from 6 to 32 mm. The iron is sharpened from the outside to the inside. A distinction is made between straight and curved hollow irons.