Benutzer: Gast

Wörterbuch (en): Copper

de: Kupfer (nt)
fr: Cuivre (m)
it: Rame (m)
es: Cobre (m)
pt: Cobre (m)

A metal of the 4th period in the 11th group in the periodic table with the symbol Cu and the atomic number 29. Copper belongs to the precious metals because it is a weakly reactive heavy metal. It is soft, easy to shape, durable and has very good electrical and thermal conductivity. In artisan work, copper sheets are formed by hammering, which is possible due to the softness of the metal. Roofs are covered with copper sheets, on which a durable green patina of various basic copper hydroxides/carbonates forms. This patina protects the underlying metal from further corrosion, so that copper roofs can last for several centuries.