Benutzer: Gast

Wörterbuch (en): Adobe / Clay brick

de: Lehmziegel (m)
fr: Brique d'argile (f) / Brique en terre cuite (f)
it: Mattone argilloso
es: Adobe (m) / Ladrillo cerámico (m)
pt: Tijolo de argila (m)

A clay brick (Adobe) is an air-dried cuboid made of clay, shaped with the hands or with a shuttering and used in clay construction. Rich loam is mixed with other sand and, if necessary, with fibrous materials such as straw, which reduce the weight and improve the heat transfer coefficient. Fillers usually also reduce cracking during drying. When it rains heavily, the clay brick softens again, so clay walls must be protected from permanent wetness and driving rain. Firing turns a clay brick into a brick, terracotta brick or clinker brick.