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Wörterbuch (en): Plasterboard / Gypsum plasterboard

  1. Plasterboard / Gypsum plasterboard
de: Gipskarton (m)
fr: Plâtre (m) / Plaque de plâtre (f)
it: Cartongesso
es: Yeso (m) / Cartón yeso (m) / Placa de yeso (f)

A building material made of gypsum with a cardboard cover on both sides. The panels obtain their stiffness from the double-sided cardboard, which absorbs the tensile forces. The panels can be directly covered with wallpaper, plaster, putty or tiles. The panels can be cut with a simple saw or a special knife. For wet areas, hydrophobised damp-proof boards are used. Gypsum plasterboards are used for lining interior walls, shafts and pre-wall installations.