Benutzer: Gast

Wörterbuch (en): Espagnolette / Crémone

  1. Espagnolette / Crémone
  2. Safety catch / hook
  3. Espagnolette rod
  1. Espagnolette / Crémone
de: Espagnolette (f) / Drehstangenverschluss (m) / Ruderstange (f)
fr: Espagnolette (f) / Crémone (f)
it: Spagnoletta
es: Falleba (f)

A rotary bar lock for windows, consisting of a vertical rotary bar fixed to the inner flapping bar; the bar is connected in the middle to a rudder which, when closed, engages a locking hook located on the frame wood of the second window sash; the ends of the bar are forged in the shape of a hook.