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Wörterbuch (en): Chipboard

de: Holzspanplatte (f) / Spanplatte (f) / Flachpressplatte (f)
fr: Panneau d'aggloméré (m) / Panneau de particules (m) / Aggloméré (m)
it: Truciolato (m) / Truciolare
es: Tablero aglomerado (m) / Tablero de virutas de madera comprimida (m)

Chipboard consists of differently sized glued wood shavings, which are usually pressed in three to five layers to form multi-layer boards. The outer layers consist almost always of the finer chip material, especially if they are subsequently used for decorative purposes (e.g. furniture construction). Since the solid wood matrix is eliminated, these panels have almost the same swelling and shrinking properties in the direction of the panel plane, i.e. the length and width of the panel, but also much lower strength than solid wood.