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Wörterbuch (en): Calcium hydroxide / Slaked lime

de: Calciumhydroxid (nt) / gelöschter Kalk (m)
fr: Hydroxyde de calcium (m) / Chaux éteinte (m)
it: Idrossido di calcio (m) / Calce spenta (f)
es: Cal muerta (f) / Cal apagada (f) / Hidróxido cálcico (m) / Hidróxido de calcio (m)

The main application of calcium hydroxide is the preparation of mortar in the building industry, where it is used under the name white lime hydrate. Lime plasters consist of mixtures of calcium hydroxide and sand. The latter can also be added in the form of ground limestone. It is also increasingly added to asphalt mixes to improve the durability of the finished asphalt layer.