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Wörterbuch (en): Ceiling frieze / Moulding

  1. Ceiling frieze / Moulding
  2. Ceiling rod
  3. Concave moulding/ Cavetto
  1. Ceiling frieze / Moulding
de: Deckenfries (m)
fr: Frise de plafond (f)
it: Fregio a soffitto
es: Friso del techo (m) / Moldura (f)

A linear, mostly horizontal stylistic element. It is a narrow strip that serves to define, delimit, structure and decorate parts of a building. The frieze can be smooth or plastic, painted or composed of individual components. It is used to make a room appear lower, since it is painted in the same colour as the ceiling surfaces, an optical illusion, since the eye has no reference point in white surfaces.